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My art embraces my search for life and meaning.
Through the sculptural medium, I reflect what I see
around me, whether it be the politics of living, the
social ramifications of our environment or the
humour I perceive in our human frailties.

Exploration in materials has always been a great
importance to me, from the kinetic art I created in
the late 1960's, to exploring natural fibers in the
1970's. At that time, I lived in The Philippines and
used materials native to those surroundings.
In the 1990's, I delved into white painted works
where I experimented with reflective colour and
tactile figures.

My most recent work deals with sexuality in our
culture. Through the use of texture (rope, nails)
on cast fiberglass forms, I am striving to explore:
spiritual, physical and emotional interrelations.